If you don’t get on the tractor, the field will become wild flowers and weeds.

If you don’t write the stories you want to read, the book will remain wishful thinking.

If you can’t find the courage to chase your dreams, the race is over and done.

If you won’t practice kindness, rejection is the burning sun.

If you see blue sky when faced with a red tractor, consider the harvest moon and ask…

Do you have the courage and kindness to keep on?



Charity – the act of giving…

its a leap of faith…

a first step…

diving head first into charity…

to give more…

Smiles, Laughter, Joy, Encouragement, Positive Thinking, Love, and Inspiration to those in need over overcoming the fears and worries they hide inside.

Help them leap, step and dive into an oasis of everlasting happiness…

Annalisa Hall 2012

DIVING by Annalisa Hall (c) 2012-2016

Smiles to you today!


Collecting Joy

I love collecting joyful things like happy memories and good books.

(1) Joy of Writing – I write on scraps of paper, in magazines and (oh my) in books. I conjure up stories and outline them for other days. I never tire of writing what pops into my head, editing it on paper and/or computer, and re-writing again. The joy is that I do it often and I love it.

(2) Joy of Reading – I read all sorts of things like online newspaper clippings, hardcover books on writing, paperback classic novels, and hilarious children’s books. My favorite is when our children bring us books to read to them or something will happen in real life that reminds them of a book scene. Such a joy!

(3) Joy of Remembering – I think up and forget tons of things. I often don’t recall what is real or fake unless I look at my personal journals and compare with what book I’m currently writing or conjuring up in my head. I remember many wonderful things and often they are in fantasy lands, but I do hold them dear and find joy in the stories.

(4) Joy of Forgetting – I often get rejection letters and the best remedy is to realize that agents and editors are only going to take what they love. And what they love is reading books and their business is finding those beautiful stories that authors conjure for the universe. I do keep records of who I query, but I often forget the impersonal rejections.  My favorite rejection was so inspirational to me that I started afresh and wrote three more novels. It’s a beautiful thing.

(5) Joy of Sharing – SHARE what you know.  You know far less about yourself than you think you do because you just haven’t experienced enough.  Challenge others by asking them questions about their opinions. Serve others by giving them sound and reasonable advice. The joy of sharing is that it might spark someone to write that great manuscript they’ve been conjuring in their own head and by some great miracle you might be able to see it some day on the shelf.  Help others. Love the genre. Enjoy this world!

Collect joyful things like happy memories and enjoy the goodness of books. SMILES!


This year has been awesome. I’ve meet some amazing authors at various conferences. I’m grateful to call many of them my friends and associates.

Josi Kilpackhttp://www.josiskilpack.com/ – I had a great time chatting with her. Although she claims that she tagged along with me, it was the other way around. I’m new to RWA and it was my first time in NYC, but I knew Josi from LDStorymakers so somehow it benefited both of us to have the connection and not feel so alone in that big big city. #RWA15 was amazing, thanks to Josi, Shoshana, and others. Josi’s latest book LORD FENTON’s FOLLY is available now.

Jennifer Beckstrand – http://www.jenniferbeckstrand.com/ – Josi introduced me to Jennifer while in NYC. Jennifer writes sweet romances and her book HUCKLEBERRY SUMMER was a 2015 Rita Nominee. I happen to love her layered jell-o salad :o)

Stacie Henryhttp://stacyhenrie.com/ – Josi introduced me to Stacie while in NYC. Stacie writes inspirational historical romances and her book HOPE AT DAWN was a 2015 Rita Nominee. Her book blog and recommendations have inspired me to read more. :o)

Julianne Donaldsonhttp://www.juliannedonaldson.com/ – Julie and I lived across the hall from each other during our BYU Wymount days when we were young married students at BYU-Provo. WOW! She’s been so generous over the 10+ years with publishing info. for the Friend magazine and the LDS fiction/nonfiction industry.  I wish her all the best with a prequel to Edenbrooke called HEIR TO EDENBROOKE, so neat!

Merrilee Boyack – http://www.merrileeboyack.com/ – Merrilee is a gift to us all. A cancer survivor. A testament to living better. She writes. She reads. She did our Estate Planning and Wills. Wow! I’m thankful for her confidence, courage and commitment to lead. She makes choices. She stands by them. She introduced me to Cedar Fort Inc. and grateful for her. Her new book WHEN I’M A MISSIONARY is available now.

Jewel Quinlan – http://jewelquinlan.com/ – Jewel is my best critique partner. She’s honest and candid. When I’m feeling rejected, she is there to encourage me to write again. To edit better. To stop head-hopping…LOL! Her latest book SHE’S GOT IT ALL is fast-paced and like nothing I write, but she’s got a wild imagination like me and I love supporting and championing her successes with each new book.


Snow & Ballet Flats = Priceless

…thankful for those we meet along the way and at every crossroad…

May you find joy and happiness in giving thanks to all you meet this Thanksgiving.

Feeling :-)

Tried illustrating again…its like picking out an outfit in the morning…difficult without a stylist.

by Annalisa Hall, 2015

by Annalisa Hall


It’s my birthday tomorrow. I figured I could tell you a little bit about the last year…

Last September my book “I Want to Be Baptized” (illustrated by Corey Egbert) was published by Cedar Fort Inc. and on Tuesday the board book version will be released. Buy it HERE or HERE.

This past July I attended RWA National Conference in New York City.  Since I’ve been wanting to go to New York City since I was a child, I had very high expectations. NYC did not disappoint. The Subway trains, World Trade Memorial, the fashion, the people, and THE FOOD — AMAZING!!! All lived up to and exceeded my expectations. So amazing. Taking photos is addicting. I did nothing traditional, but it was the taste of NYC I always dreamed about. To boot — I finished Little Boy Blue’s chapter book and gave it to him as a gift as belated birthday gift.

In NYC I learned so much about writing Romance (yes, I have a penname for that) and met such wonderful authors like Josi Kilpack, Jennifer Beckstrand (Rita Finalist), and Stacy Henrie (Rita Finalist). Thanks to Jewel Quinlan from the OC RWA Chapter, I braved the rejections and continue to write and write and submit.

Property of Annalisa Hall

Central Park with my LUXURANA bag

In the the last twelve months, I’ve written two novels, received four rejections, signed a new children’s book contract, promoted my children’s book release and updated my filing system which now consists of filing cabinets painted by the children.  🙂

I won’t mention the two cookbooks and screenplays that I’ve done. They are still a work in progress.

Property of Annalisa Hall

Central Park, July 2015

This year has been very happy for me. Here’s a list of this year’s favorites:

FOOD – Bison Borscht & Blueberry Cayenne smoothie @GoIndieFresh

COLOR – Red (like the red dress I got from the Kukui’ula Shopping center in Kauai)

PLACE – in my dreams conjuring new book ideas

MOVIE – Aloha (2015) with Bradley Cooper

BOOK – I Can Pray Every Day by Catherine Christensen -and- The Little Seahorse by Sheri Fink

Props to my alma mater LDSBC & BYU!

Thanks to my parents, family and friends for enduring my wacky ideas to make my dreams come true.



RWA San Diego

How was your experience at RWA Nationals in NYC this year? Today, RWA-SD member L.H. Marley shares her conference experience in the city that never sleeps.

#RWA15 was awesome!

View from the One World Trade Center Observatory. View from the One World Trade Center Observatory.

The iconic clichés about New York City are true! Rattling subway trains…yes. Spectacular views in Times Square…yes. Hot FDNY…YES! If you go to NYC, my advice is:

  1. Buy a Metrocard when you arrive,
  2. Make a list of your top three sites, and do it, and
  3. Bring comfortable walking shoes!

The RWA National Conference lived up to my expectations, and the app gave me reminders and kept me informed of changes, When one class was too full, I could refer to them for alternatives. Very helpful!

Here are some quotes, tips, and trends I spotted, loosely translated from my notes:

  • “When business starts to suck, go back to the craft” – Barbara…

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