Birth Dates

Tomorrow is my birthday. I’ll be 39 years old and I just attended “Back to School Night” at my high school alma mater.  Two of my son’s teachers I had 21 years ago. I remember several Language Arts teachers who loved my poetry, several others who hated it. I’m amazed how much I don’t remember of those high school days.

My resume. Hmm. . . what are my greatest achievements over the years? I’m certain that when I was in high school I knew that this would be my life summary on paper:

Brigham Young University, Provo, UT 1998-1999
Bachelor of Arts: English, December 1999

LDS Business College, Salt Lake City, UT 1996-1997
Certification: Accounting Clerk, December 1997

RWA (PRO Member: L.H. Marley)
SCWBI (PAL Member: Annalisa Hall)

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My husband of 17+ years and our three children (ages 14, 12, & 7) bring me joy. I’m grateful we live in Southern California where I don’t have to endure arctic winters 🙂 Sunshine happy!!

Happy Writing Friends!!



8+ years ago, I wrote a poem for my friend to help her young children understand the Holy Ghost. With encouragement from family and motivation by published authors, I submitted my work to Cedar Fort. Today, my books are on sale at Amazon! So surreal that I’m an RWA Pro, SCBWI Pal, and LDStorymaker 🙂 https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01FJ1EUFA?ref_=mw_olp_product_details

Happy Reading Friends!!


Illustration credits: Corey Egbert and Alex Worthen

Fall Back

Today I gained an extra hour of sleep. I recovered my sanity and found the power to achieve bigger and better things.

Tomorrow I’ll second guess whether or not I wasted my hour and in the Spring it will be snatched from me like a wicked trick by a time magician who doesn’t really care about whether or not I used time wisely.

Yesterday I should have written more words for pages of a book I’m too scared to have published. I dare to press forward and life is a fun place to be. I’d rather be living and dreaming of unknown tomorrows than dead and gone.

I’ll fall back asleep soon.

I’ll fall back into the same routines and bad habits, but ultimately I’ll learn from my mistakes. I’ll challenge myself to finish a book. And then start another one.


I wonder where the time has gone?!

Summer Joy

LegoSwimming . . . 01 Annalisa

We’re been having a wonderful summer at the pool. These little Lego men are “Conrad & Mike” and they are enjoying the summer season by swimming.

Hanging out with friends is the best.

We hope you’re spending time with those you love.


P.S. Happy news – My latest children’s book “Sheppard’s Last Lamb” is available on pre-order HERE  You better make room on your shelf for it :o)


If you don’t get on the tractor, the field will become wild flowers and weeds.

If you don’t write the stories you want to read, the book will remain wishful thinking.

If you can’t find the courage to chase your dreams, the race is over and done.

If you won’t practice kindness, rejection is the burning sun.

If you see blue sky when faced with a red tractor, consider the harvest moon and ask…

Do you have the courage and kindness to keep on?


Charity – the act of giving…

its a leap of faith…

a first step…

diving head first into charity…

to give more…

Smiles, Laughter, Joy, Encouragement, Positive Thinking, Love, and Inspiration to those in need over overcoming the fears and worries they hide inside.

Help them leap, step and dive into an oasis of everlasting happiness…

Annalisa Hall 2012

DIVING by Annalisa Hall (c) 2012-2016

Smiles to you today!


Collecting Joy

I love collecting joyful things like happy memories and good books.

(1) Joy of Writing – I write on scraps of paper, in magazines and (oh my) in books. I conjure up stories and outline them for other days. I never tire of writing what pops into my head, editing it on paper and/or computer, and re-writing again. The joy is that I do it often and I love it.

(2) Joy of Reading – I read all sorts of things like online newspaper clippings, hardcover books on writing, paperback classic novels, and hilarious children’s books. My favorite is when our children bring us books to read to them or something will happen in real life that reminds them of a book scene. Such a joy!

(3) Joy of Remembering – I think up and forget tons of things. I often don’t recall what is real or fake unless I look at my personal journals and compare with what book I’m currently writing or conjuring up in my head. I remember many wonderful things and often they are in fantasy lands, but I do hold them dear and find joy in the stories.

(4) Joy of Forgetting – I often get rejection letters and the best remedy is to realize that agents and editors are only going to take what they love. And what they love is reading books and their business is finding those beautiful stories that authors conjure for the universe. I do keep records of who I query, but I often forget the impersonal rejections.  My favorite rejection was so inspirational to me that I started afresh and wrote three more novels. It’s a beautiful thing.

(5) Joy of Sharing – SHARE what you know.  You know far less about yourself than you think you do because you just haven’t experienced enough.  Challenge others by asking them questions about their opinions. Serve others by giving them sound and reasonable advice. The joy of sharing is that it might spark someone to write that great manuscript they’ve been conjuring in their own head and by some great miracle you might be able to see it some day on the shelf.  Help others. Love the genre. Enjoy this world!

Collect joyful things like happy memories and enjoy the goodness of books. SMILES!