Baptism Book

It only seemed natural to write the prequel to “The Holy Ghost is Like a Blanket” and proud that “I Want to Be Baptized” illustrated by Corey Egbert was released this week.

00 I-Want-to-Be-Baptized-blog-tour

For information on reviewing “I Want to be Baptized” and participating in the book blog tourNovember 15th to December 5th, please contact Events@cedarfort.com

Summer Time

My friends & I are having fun this summer…care to venture to guess what we’ve been doing these past few weeks?  Books. Shopping. And…

Summer Time Fun (c) Annalisa Hall 2014

Summer Time Fun (c) Annalisa Hall 2014


Seashell Detail (c) Corey Egbert 2013

Thanks to Cedar Fort Inc for publishing my book “The Holy Ghost is like a Blanket” available online and retail bookstores. Its been a busy couple of months gearing up to the release date. I’m excited for two scheduled signings including my alma mater next week. It was certainly great to spend time with LDS Booksellers at the 2013 LDSBA Convention, what lovely people that bring books to children and stock their shelves with goodness.  I’m grateful for young artists that post their work on Illustration Friday because that’s how I found Corey Egbert, a marvelous artist bringing a depth to the book I could not have done myself.




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